Mission & Vision

1-Employee professional growth

2-Focused on profitable projects

3-Client oriented bussines


We aspire to extend and diversify the range of services offered under the confidence gained from customers. International Group Call aims to become a global business partner and a center of excellence on the international market with regards to define, design and deploy a unique, advanced and innovative system of management services in order to promote the competitive advantage of its customers and promote the culture and values of the so called One Company (philosophy that considers the outsourcer and the client as a single reality).


Our mission and values represent how we think act every day to achieve our main goal:happiness from inside out. That means satisfaction for those who work for IGC, for our investors and of course, for our clients and their customers.This is a place where we believe in people. Where teamwork wins. This is a place where we work for people. That's how we put commitment into practice. This is the company that inspires. To learn, to teach, to grow. To get things done. This is the company that motivates. Being happy to make a difference. This is the real thing: your business is our business.



Employees are the most important aspect of our commercial activities. Each employee plays an important role in our success. We promote a comfortable and supportive working environment, which results in a positive experience not only for the staff but also for our customers.

Focus on Client

To care for our customers is fundamental. We do our best to ensure a quality service. offering optimal solutions and effective communication beyond all expectations.



European Phone

(+355) 69 203 3372

Worldwide Phone

(+001) 347 434 9718


Elbasanit Street, ABAU palace, Nr. Postal 1000, Tirana, Albania